Australian WC Statistics 15 16 Report

Australian Workers Compensation Statistics 2015/2016 Report

Safe Work Australia have published the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2015-16 reports providing detailed statistics on workers’ compensations claims lodged in Australia.

Key findings from the 2015-16 report, include:

  • The three occupations with the highest rate of serious claims were Labourers, Machinery operators and drivers and Community and personal service workers.
  • The three industries with the highest rate of serious claims were Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Body stressing caused 39 per cent of serious claims, while falls, trips and slips led to 23 per cent of serious claims.
  • The bodily location most commonly affected by injuries and diseases that led to serious claims was the back (20 per cent).

Click on the link to the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2015-16 report on the Safe Work Australia website.