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ISO 45001 Warning Issued by ACCI

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged employers to think twice before implementing the new draft international standard for OHS management systems, with components of the draft appearing to be inconsistent with Australian laws.

  • ACCI said it is concerned by a surge of articles and workshops promoting¬†ISO 45001¬†as the new “gold standard” when it is months from completion and might not be fully adopted by Standards Australia.

“We are cautioning businesses not to act prematurely,” ACCI work health and safety associate director Jennifer Low said.

“Internationally, the standard is yet to be finalised and even then, Standards Australia will need to determine whether it adopts it in full, abandons the field, or creates a hybrid version fit for the Australian context,” she said.

“Over 70 countries have been involved in the development of the draft international standard. Several elements appear incompatible with Australian legislation and are highly prescriptive, outside what we now consider good practice.”