Lawson’s Latest News / Winter

Welcome to our Winter edition of our latest news which has seen some change within Lawson’s with the recent retirement of Col Lawson, Managing Director.

After much thought and planning, Col has now successfully transitioned into his retirement. We are sure Col will be missed by many of our clients and those who know him in the workers compensation industry. We wish Col all the best for a good quality of life in retirement.

In other news, it’s business as usual at Lawson’s providing self-insured claims management services to 22% of the self-insured employers in SA (incl. Hobart).

Lawson’s welcome our newest client News Corp Australia. We look forward to working collaboratively with News Corp Australia and providing specialist self-insured claims management services.

With the preliminary number of Australians killed at work escalating from 30 to 64 Australians killed in 2019 (since our last publication), the focus on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace remains stronger than ever.