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Deirdre Black, Senior Consultant, Claims Management    |    08 8210 2805   |   0400 057 940

Services and Capabilities

Deirdre has over 30 years experience of managing high risk claims and complex claims for multiple large self-insured and registered employers in the workers’ compensation and injury management industry. She is a highly respected, qualified and experienced Senior Claims Manager.

Deirdre has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of claims management from early intervention, effective rehabilitation to ensure successful return to work of injured workers, resolving high risk and long term claims by either favourable outcomes via redemption or return to work.

Deirdre is passionate and motivated to achieve clients (self-insured & registered) key performance indicators and problem solving claims by thinking outside the square to reach the required outcome.

Deirdre has a broad range of competent business skills which include:

Extensive knowledge and experience of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 as amended.

Application and knowledge of the Return To Work Act 2014 (SA)

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

Demonstrates sound ability to identify underlying issues, draw conclusions and problem solving the issues.

Strong client service focus and proven ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of people

Outstanding time management and organisational skills

Proven ability and willingness to adapt to change and flexibility

Outstanding and thorough decision making skills.

Sound abilities in conflict resolution with effective negotiation skills.

Strategically manage cases based on individual needs