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Trudy McKechnie, WHS Risk & Compliance Manager    |    08 8210 2813   |  0417 245 175

Services and Capabilities

Trudy has over 20 years of experience in the injury prevention and injury management industries. She has a diverse background working in both private and public sectors in a wide range of industries including four years as an evaluator of self-insured employers for WorkCoverSA.

Trudy is passionate about encouraging a positive workplace culture and healthy workplaces. Trudy believes that a healthy workplace is more than just safer, it makes people better – mentally, physically and productively. Through this vision of a healthy workplace Trudy works with organisations identifying opportunities for improvement through auditing and system review. This is achieved by adopting a collective approach and inviting all different voices, perspective, technologies and multiple ways of knowing into each conversation or decision making and the planning process.

Trudy is an experienced auditor of business management systems, particularly work health and safety and injury management. Trudy has the qualifications and experience to assist organisations to identify and expand opportunities and deliver positive outcomes. Trudy has extensive experience in systems development; review of safety and injury management systems (particularly for organisations pursuing self-insurance); auditing; program development and has the ability to identify not only areas of risk but opportunities.