Business Man Pointing the Text: Audit? We Can Help!

Do you know if your Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management System or your Injury Management (IM) System is working effectively?

An independent audit is the most effective and reliable way to determine the effectiveness of your current WHS and IM systems and to identify any opportunities for improvements required to comply with the WHS legislation and the Return to Work Act 2014.

The benefits of an audit are numerous. Audits can improve a company’s efficiency and profitability by providing management with a better understanding of the systems they are required to work within.

Benefits of Systems Auditing:

  • Measure effectiveness and performance of your Systems
  • Identify key areas of improvement
  • Reinforce and strengthen internal control
  • Evaluate if employee’s are meeting the Standards which your organisation aspires to

Our suite of Auditing Services include:

  • Legislative Audits (WHS legislation and Return to Work Act 2014)
  •  Return To Work SA Injury Management Standards for Self Insured Employers
  • Comprehensive Management System Audit
  • Pre-accreditation Audits (AS/NZS 4801; ISO 9001)
  • Self-Insurance Gap Analysis: entry or renewal
  • Hazard Specific Audits (confined space; noise; plant; traffic management; working at heights)

Lawson’s has qualified WHS Management System Auditors experienced across a wide range of industries. Our industry-wide knowledge can help to validate existing programs, and provide recommendations for growth and/or change when/where necessary.

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