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Lawson’s are specialists in complete claims management, providing superior services to private self-insured and registered employers.

Lawson’s offer a unique claims management model. The key difference for our model is that a dedicated Claims Manager is appointed to each client’s workers compensation claim portfolio providing one single point of contact accountability and ownership throughout the life of each claim.

By partnering with Lawson’s you gain the benefit of:

  • Superior claims management services, access to over 110 years of combined experience and highly skilled Claims Managers
  • Structured claims management program tailored specifically for your organisation whether self-insured or registered
  • Confidence knowing your workers compensation claims are managed fairly and equitably in accordance with the Return to Work Act 2014
  • Our state of the art Workers Compensation Software System “Injury Connect”, with streamlined workflow processes and an automated interface with ReturnToWorkSA
  • Improvement in claims performance delivering a reduction in claim numbers and outstanding liabilities
  • Comprehensive claims management reporting (including Schedule 3)
  • Access to an Injury Management Manual compliant to the Return to Work Act 2014
  • Our resources supporting your in-house staff, who will liaise with other key stakeholders such as: legal; rehabilitation; loss assessors; ReturnToWorkSA and Medicare Australia

Our Managing Director, Col Lawson has over 40 years industry experience managing a number of workers compensation scheme’s around the country. Our Director, Finance and Administration provides the technical interface with ReturnToWorkSA and our software provider constantly seeking improvements to ensure client satisfaction.

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