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Positioning Your Company to Contain Workers Compensation Costs

The Workers Compensation Premium is often the largest single insurance cost to many organisations with most paying more than they need to.

When you apply to become self-insured, you are applying for direct responsibility and management of all existing and new work injury claims in your workplace. You will be responsible for managing work injuries in accordance with Return to Work legislation, in addition to ensuring you have appropriate work health safety (WHS) systems in place to minimise workplace incidents and injuries.

Do You Meet the Eligibility Criteria?

In order to assess the viability of self-insurance of an organisation, you need to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria and have the financial capacity to fully fund future liabilities. You also need to meet FTE (full time equivalent) criteria requirements which differs in each state.

Take Advantage over 140 years of experience in the Injury Management Industry.

Lawson’s have over 140 years of combined experience and a stable team of highly skilled Claims Managers that are outcome focused. We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our people, our outstanding track record and our market leadership in all three disciplines (Self-Insurance; Injury Management and Work Health and Safety)

By partnering with Lawson’s the leading industry specialist you will:

  • Have greater control over claims without third party influence
  • Settle workers compensation claims to the mutual benefit of the worker and your organisation
  • Improve your organisations injury prevention and injury management systems resulting in improved       cash flow and financial viability
  • Safer workplace & enhanced protection to workers resulting in improved safety culture
  • Improved return to work and rehabilitation outcomes for injured employees and the employer

Our Services:

  • Expert advice and direction on viability of self-insurance
  • State based or National approach
  • Self-Insurance “New Applicant” registration requirements and interface with RTWSA
  • Gap analysis against the RTWSA Performance Standards for self-insured employers
  • Tailored WHS and Injury Management Systems to meet Regulatory requirements
  • Self-Insurance resourcing to support in-house resources

Our current industry partners include:

  • Aged Care
  • Food & Retail
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitals
  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Smelters
  • Wineries

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