Assurance Programs

Our programs ensure compliance to legislative and regulatory requirement and go beyond; to reduce risk and optimise opportunities.

Lawson can design and implement an assurance framework for your organisation which will provide peace of mind that WHS and IM systems are in place.

With a comprehensive understanding of legislative and regulatory requirements, Lawson’s Three Phase approach will ensure that your organisation is able to identify and address current issues and compliance failures, reduce risk of future non-compliance and improve performance.

The first phase of a Lawson Assurance framework is to undertake a comprehensive review of current state, WHS and Injury Management performance, compliance with current regulations and legislation, and the correctness, completeness and effectiveness of current systems.

It is in this second phase that organisations need to understand and believe in the steps which need to occur to move forward.  They need to celebrate and operate with clarity and resolve.  Lawson will work with your teams to ensure that capability is built so that your organisation is not overly reliant on a third party, and has a sustainable, in-house assurance program that ensures things are done in a manner consistent with your organisational values and operations.  We will develop processes and strategies to measure, monitor and improve WHS and Injury management systems and activities, including Audit, Strategic programs and Continuous Improvement plans. Lawson can provide training to your teams and mentor them as they implement the assurance framework.

In the third phase of developing your assurance program, Lawson will complete a Data and trend analysis of claims and WHS incidents against legislative, regulatory requirements, costs, injured worker outcomes and feedback from stakeholders to compare against initial benchmarks. Lawson will consult with leaders, team members, internal auditors and relevant contractors to identify where things went well and where improvements could be made.  The outcome of this phase will provide your organisation with a report which clearly describes the Assurance framework, its implementation, role clarity, the ongoing activities, and (your) branded tools and templates suitable for providing State regulators, auditors, Executive and Boards.