Sophisticated reporting is important because informs our professional decisions as well as our day-to-day matters. A data report will tell us where to spend the most time and resources, and what needs more organization or attention.

Lawson provide reporting support to a number of clients across state jurisdictions.  The more access to data your organisation has, the more agile it can be.

Our clients find benefit in this as we work through the technical differences, the individual Claims Agent and/or Regulator policy positions, we hold Agents to a high standard of account and provide a consistent view back to clients (in head office).  This includes taking data extracts from each state and consolidating into one simple dashboard for our clients.

Services available include

  • Working with you to develop a standard set of reports (or one simple dashboard), across local or state jurisdictions,
  • Weekly and monthly pipeline and exception reporting tailored to your specific needs and focus areas
  • Develop workflow/management reports to ensure we are holding the Claims Agents to a high standard account,
  • We can assume the role of direct contact with your interstate teams and work directly with the claims agent with a view to ensuring you have the best strategy in place to reduce claims costs and related premiums.