Selma Amidzic

Claims Consultant

Selma is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse academic and professional background, holding both a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours) degree and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (with a major in Psychology) degree. She has studied her Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management and is a certified Mental Health First Aid Officer. Selma brings a unique blend of legal and psychological expertise to her work.  

Selma is well equipped to navigate complex and demanding environments. Her history in insurance and State government showcases her ability to excel in fast-paced settings, where she has successfully managed intricate claims and undertaken conciliation roles, all while maintaining a strong focus on exceptional customer service. Selma’s dedication and discipline ensure that she makes well-informed decisions at the right time, even when delivering challenging messages to a variety of stakeholders. Her keen appreciation for the needs and desires of others drives her to excel in her role.  

Most recently working for a large workers’ compensation insurer as part of their Eligibility and Legal Team, Selma assessed high risk claims, and managed a substantial portfolio of disputed claims.  Her enthusiasm for workers compensation is evident through her high energy and dedication to her role. Selma’s daily interactions demonstrate her adeptness at negotiation, problem-solving, and innovative thinking. Her exceptional time management skills and resilience allow her to thrive in dynamic environments, while her proven adaptability enables her to respond promptly to shifting circumstances and to drive positive outcomes in the realm of workers’ compensation.