Workers' compensation solutions for employers.

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For 20 years, Lawson have provided the business community with trusted Claims Management, Professional Advisory and Audit Services.

Our clients enjoy a sense of comfort in having an expert team tailor and implement strategies aligning with their own Vision, Values and Risk Appetite.

Our Services

The team at Lawson are highly skilled and experienced practitioners; providing management and advisory services relating to workplace safety, work injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Benefits to your business

The experienced team at Lawsons helps you to:

  • Achieve compliance – ensuring peace of mind for all
  • Provide superior service and outcomes for your employees
  • Competently deal with complex & difficult claims
  • Efficiently manage and administer all claims
  • Deliver effective management reports and Executive/Board dashboards
  • Drive for superior financial outcomes
  • Achieve a safer workplace
  • Build your internal capability and capacity
  • Ensure your WHS strategy and system support a healthy culture
  • Structure for growth and national consistency

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