Return to Work Coordinator

We provide our top talent and high performing systems to manage and undertake Return to Work Coordinator tasks on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.

Return to Work Coordinator Service

The Return to Work Coordinator role within an organisation can be expansive, complex and stressful.

Clients come to us to help and support them with Return to Work Coordinator related activity: from fulfilling legislative requirements, controlling costs to the business, and managing medical and rehabilitative providers, to supporting injured employees throughout the safe return to work process.

We provide our top talent and high performing systems to support employers in a Return to Work Coordinator capacity. The service can be tailored to your needs, and it can be ongoing or on an as needs basis.

Stakeholder Benefits

Injured Employee

  • Your injured employees, their doctors and their support team feel the genuine care demonstrated by our highly engaged and expert Return to Work Coordinators
  • The strong emphasis and centrality of your employee’s health recovery and wellbeing facilitates a faster return to their work


  • Confidence that legislative requirements are met – whether in one state or across several jurisdictions
  • Continuity and longevity of your return to work program by eliminating possibility of disruption due to competing priorities, staff absence or staff turnover
  • A faster and safer return to work for your injured employees
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs and increased productivity

Safety / Wellbeing / Human Resources Team

With Lawson providing the Return to Work Coordinator service, your teams can shift their focus to:

  • Core operations
  • Investing in safe work education and upskilling employees in areas such as manual handling, psychosocial hazards and First Aid
  • Strengthening early intervention programs
  • Empowering supervisors for greater involvement in the recovery process
  • Managing return to work performance and managing self-insurance budget and target achievement (if relevant)

When to use

Our Return to Work Coordinator service can be used ad hoc or ongoing. Times and situations you may choose to use the service include:

  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Extended leave
  • Long service leave
  • Staff attrition
  • Multiple active claims
  • Large complex claims
  • Complicated claims with many nuances, such as psychosocial claims
  • Headcount reaches 30 employees for the first time


Our Expert – Elyse Lawrie


Elyse Lawrie is a Senior Consultant – Return to Work Services. Elyse is our Return to Work Coordinator expert.

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