Governance and Reporting

Increasingly, as Regulators look to modernise, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate a genuine ability to Self-Regulate. In addition, an improved insight brings greater comfort to your Executive and Board, allows for tailored injury management or prevention strategies, and, provides clarity and a greater sense of certainty to your Actuary.

Our claims management service is backed up by a comprehensive assurance framework which provides independent verification of claims management activities against legislative requirements, including relevant service standards and Regulator priorities.

Our assurance framework includes three lines of defence; incorporating:

First Line:

  • Operational procedures;
  • Workflow reporting to ensure critical functions and actions are completed on time;
  • Sophisticated monthly reports, including trend analysis;
  • Risk Identification and Control.

Second Line:

  • Compliance auditing; including our unique independent data-based claims audit, measuring compliance (to legislative and regulatory requirements) on all claims in a select period. Our audit function sits outside of the claims team and is independently certified through Exemplar Global;
  • Independent legal counsel and Actuarial advice;
  • Surveys – Client and injured employee;
  • Governance and Risk Committee oversight and review.

Third Line:

  • Independent assurance through:
    • State Regulator evaluation;
    • Actuarial reporting;
    • SA employment tribunal.

With an independent in-house audit function accredited through Exemplar Global, Lawson are able to ensure our assurance framework is robust, objective and effective so that your claims are managed in accordance with your policies, the legislation and Regulator requirements.