Liz LoBasso

Manager – Finance and Administration

Liz brings over 30 years of customer service experience to the Lawson team, along with solid automation and system improvement expertise.

Working closely with clients, Liz ensures their systems are customised to meet unique organisational requirements covering national jurisdictions. She ensures clients’ procedures and systems are simplified, user-friendly and meet legislative compliance.

Liz manages and delivers the Lawson Accounts Payable service with guaranteed service delivery and precise data accuracy. Software utilised in the Lawson Accounts Payable service enables auditors to track invoice and payment, along with cutting edge technology to safeguard payments against cyber-attacks and fraudulent activity. Click here to learn about Lawson Workers’ Compensation Accounts Payable service

Liz also manages a workers’ compensation administration team that works on detailed projects and to tight deadlines, to deliver efficient and supremely accurate outcomes. Additionally, Liz manages all financial aspects of the Lawson business.

With a high level of professionalism accompanied with an approachable manner and positive attitude, no problem is too large or complicated; Liz will find a solution to any client challenge.