Elyse Lawrie

Senior Consultant - Return to Work Services

Elyse is an engaging and inspiring person driven to achieve exceptional outcomes for injured employees and their organisations. She is genuinely interested in injured employee stories: the story of their injury, and more importantly their lives, interests and passions. This helps to align the injured employee’s needs with the needs of the organisation.

Elyse’s manner and approach means she quickly develops meaningful relationships characterised by trust, support and feelings of safety and confidence.

These relationships extend to injured employees, their family and support networks, their medical professionals, lawyers, claims agents, Regulators and of course the employer. Elyse has a reputation for exceeding client expectations due to consistently going above and beyond in her service delivery.

With over 10 years experience, Elyse is a qualified Return to Work Coordinator with an extensive history as a Mobile Claim Specialist and Mentor. Elyse’s qualifications include: Diploma in Personal Injury & Disability Insurance Management, Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management, Bachelor of Management, and Bachelor of Sport & Recreational Management.