Richard Hilton

Manager - Capability & Performance

Richard with over 30 years of experience, including 20 years in leadership roles, is a dedicated professional in injury and case management. His journey is marked by a commitment to helping people navigate uncertainty. Holding tertiary qualifications in Injury Management, Industrial Relations, Biomechanics, and Occupational, Health and Safety, Richard’s expertise is deeply entrenched in a diverse knowledge base.

Richard’s passion for personal injury is driven by a strong belief in person-centred care and service planning, empowering individuals towards independence and goal achievement. Throughout his career, Richard has earned a stellar reputation for his exceptional interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, and his talent for motivating others to deliver exceptional service, accountability and performance.

Richard is not only a strong communicator but also excels in roles such as coaching, mentoring, leadership, negotiation, and reporting. His skills extend to systems and process design, industry development, regulatory compliance, and managing within a statutory framework.

Beyond his professional life, Richard enjoys spending quality time with his family, taking leisurely walks, and indulging in his passion for working with rare and endangered plants.