Collaborative Reviews

Lawson believe in fostering innovation, creativity, positivity and productivity.

Traditional audit and investigation processes, through a focus on non-compliance, need to be balanced with an understanding of what is working well, why it’s working well, where and how opportunity can be created.

Collaborative Reviews are tailor made for your organisation to understand the way work is done and ways to make it better.

Collaborative reviews can be undertaken to reframe safety and risk into positive and creative opportunity; they can be used to investigate incidents from the lens of the hundreds of times a task went right, compared to the one time it has gone wrong.

They can be used to understand how work can be safer and more productive, by empowering people to make alterations to work done, as compared to how it is prescribed, in a conscious and creative way.

Collaborative review programs compliment audit, incident investigation processes and Organisational Change programs, but also provide an opportunity to grow organisational trust, empathy, creativity, resilience and curiosity to make your workplace better.